Hiring: Reporter , Land and Climate –  Common Ground

Application deadline: July 7, 2022

Scroll.in is hiring. We’re looking for a reporter to cover the beat of Land and Climate, as part of an ongoing project called Common Ground.

Common Ground takes an investigative view of India’s fundamental challenge: to expand the capabilities and opportunities that its billion-plus people need in order to live lives of dignity, while building equitable and sustainable futures for themselves. The Land and Climate reporter will work away from the pressures of the news cycle to produce in-depth and incisive stories. Here are some of the stories we’ve published so far under this beat: 1) India’s ghost plantations, in which millions of rupees have been sunk 2) How climate change is making India’s big dams dangerous; 3) How not to develop a hill station 

The requirements for the job are between five and seven years of experience covering these subjects, and related ones such as environment, agriculture and forests. Candidates should have a record of journalistic rigour, an understanding of the policy environment, a passion for on-the-ground reporting, an ability to do deep-dive research, and excellent storytelling skills. Basic photography and video skills will be counted as advantages.

These stories need to be told. Indians are breathing the most toxic air in the world. The country is pumping out groundwater and cutting down forests at alarming rates. Agriculture and food systems are facing stress, even as land conflicts multiply. If you are keen to investigate the difficult choices that India faces in building a sustainable future, please send your resume, two writing samples and two pitches to jobs@scroll.in by July 7 with the subject line ‘Reporter , Land and Climate –  Common Ground’.

Candidates from marginalised communities are especially encouraged to apply. The project is collaborative, and the candidates must demonstrate enthusiasm for team work.


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